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Campus Dining

Local and Organic Foods

Vassar’s efforts to increase the percentage of locally grown and produced foods used in the dining halls started in 2002, and is one of the primary goals the Food Committee each year. Campus Dining has increased signage indicating which food options are locally grown. (Apples, for instance, were big this fall.)

Increased signage and visibility helps make students aware of the presence and importance of consuming local foods. Why is this important? Besides the environmental benefits of transporting foods across closer distances, supporting local farmers helps develop a sustainable community.

ACDC also continues to host Local Foods Night each month, an event that features a special dinner menu of locally-grown food options.

Trayless Dining

All College Dining Center (ACDC) is a trayless dining facility. Research has shown that “trayless dining” saves thousands of gallons of water, saves energy, and lessens food waste.

Kitchen Waste

Both the kitchens in ACDC and in The Retreat collect pre- and post-consumer food waste and send it to local farms and facilities for composting. In the Retreat all plates, cups and utensils are are compostable as well helping us reduce the amount of stuff going into the waste stream. Each year Vassar generates more than 32 tons of compost!