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Knowledge is power! and so if it can be avoided, textbooks should never be thrown away at the end of the semester. There are a couple options for removing books of all kinds from the waste-stream that we hope you will participate in.

Online marketplaces where you can trade and sell books to other students at Vassar and beyond. Try looking at the ‘free and for sale’ Vassar facebook group.

SWAPR, our annual moveout program in May, accepts books in usable condition. The Friends of the Poughkeepsie Library have been a long time partner in our program and appreciates all kinds of books.

Better World Books is a organization we have partnered with to run a donation program each semester. All books you offer get donated or sold to support the National Center for Family Learning a respected literacy organization and Vassar Sustainability earns $1 per book to support our green efforts! Look for the book bins around campus near the end of each semester.