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Recycling & Composting

Vassar is committed to minimizing its waste stream and increasing recycling and composting rates. Compost bins were recently distributed to over 60 houses in the TAs, THs, and SoCos that requested them, and we are working on expanding composting in faculty housing and other residential areas on campus.

Unsure of what you should compost, recycle, or throw in the trash? Check out this guide!

Compost How To

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Disposables from The Retreat are compostable. (There are handy signs on each trash can indicating what you can/cannot recycle and compost.)
  • Recycle pizza boxes and beverage cartons instead of composting them.
  • Take staples out of teabags before composting them.
  • Egg cartons are compostable without their sticker labels.