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Zero-Waste Events

It’s super easy to run a campus program with little to no waste. Zero-waste is a way of life that promotes the minimization of waste through the maximization of recycling and reuse of products. The zero-waste philosophy seeks to look at the flow of resources holistically and ultimately seeks to minimize consumption.

Organizing a zero-waste event involves considering the following action areas: Waste, Transportation, Catering, & Decoration.

Sustainability Interns are ready and available to act as Zero-Waste consultants for events of any and all sizes.

In the last 4 years we’ve made Founder’s Day, ViCE Concerts, House Team Trainings, House events, and Department events all more waste conscious.

Here are some the key points to look into:

  • offer a pitcher of water & cups instead of plastic bottled water
  • reserve a compost bin through the standard event reservation form
  • provide compostable plates, napkins and utensils instead of plastic
    • only order as much as you need
    • compostables can be conveniently ordered through campus dining
    • consider making a catered meal entirely vegetarian or vegan; its more inclusive and great for the environment