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Vassar Climate Action

"Vassar College is committed to reducing its carbon footprint as one of the ways to address the challenge of climate change threatening our planet."

                  - President Catharine Bond Hill.

The Office of Sustainability oversees Vassar College's greenhouse gas emissions and leads collective campus efforts towards carbon neutrality. The 2016 Climate Action Plan, endorsed by the Senior Officers and presented to the Board of Trustees, outlines a path of action for achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. 

Please review the Climate Action plan here and related resources on how you can support this initiative.

The 2016 Climate Action Plan

To date the College has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 33%:

Graph showing a 33% reduction from 2005 baseline

Over the next 15 to 20 years there are a number of opportunities to reduce college emissions that support the educational goals for the college. The Campus Master Plan and forthcoming renovations of major campus buildings are both areas of great potential.

Pie chart outlining the opportunities for reducing GHG emissions. 10% in the short term, 24.5% in the medium term, and 39% in the long term.