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LED Lighting in Ely Hall

As Vassar begins to work towards its 2030 carbon neutrality goal, in Summer 2016 the College upgraded  the lighting systems in six buildings on campus.

Ely Hall, home of the Earth Science & Geography Department and the Art Department’s drawing studios, is one of these six buildings where LED lights have been installed. The previous lights in this building posed a specific problem because they were constantly on in the drawing rooms, generating large amounts of heat and consuming.

This retrofit reduce energy usage by more than  50% and also save on maintenance as the new bulbs will last longer than the old bulbs, which previously burned out within three years.

Occupancy sensors have been installed in all of the classrooms to reduce the chance that lights could left on overnight.

The renovation will annually save $5,859 in energy, and will pay for itself in 2.86 years. Vassar is funding this project, but thanks to energy efficiency incentives 33% will be paid by the utilities.

The renovation will decrease energy use and move us one step closer to carbon neutrality, reducing college emissions by 39.2 metric tons of carbon per year.  As more buildings undergo LED lighting retrofits, energy usage and carbon emissions will continue to decline.

If you have ideas for how Vassar could continue to reduce our energy usage visit the Sustainability Office in Main or email sustainability@vassar.edu.

Jose Rojas ‘18, Sustainability Intern