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LED Lighting in the Powerhouse Theater

Project Advocate: Professor Stephen Jones, Drama Department
Application Year: 2014

The Powerhouse Theatre, once the coal-burning power plant for the campus in the 1800’s, is now home to many Drama department classes and productions. Professors, students, and guests use the space at all hours of the day to get ready for staged performances, and while the current theatrical lighting is great for these Department shows, lighting design Professor Jones believed there could be a far more energy efficient option for class time.

The 6 new LED flood lights in the Powerhouse will end the use of full theatrical lighting during classes and provide a far brighter learning environment for students. These 6 lights will save more than 32,000 kWH per year and will pay for themselves in just about 1 year.

To put this in context, the old Powerhouse would have saved more 23,000 pounds of coal per year for this project.