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Get Your Office Green Office Certified!

The Green Office Certification Program serves to create a more sustainable community among Vassar's employees. By participating in this program, your office or department can be an active and important player in the sustainability movement on our campus. Rally your colleagues to take action on efforts like energy use, resource consumption, transportation, and wellness to achieve a greener office and campus. With the support and guideance of a Sustainability Intern, it’s easy to get involved!

Benefits: Process:

Team building

Resource conservation

Campus Recognition

Award decal for office and website 

A greener work environment!

1. Sign up to be a Green Office Captain

2. Determine Office boundaries

3. Kick-off meeting with Supervisor and Sustainability Rep

4. Fill out Checklist and Implement Changes

5.Receive a Green Office Certified or a Green Office Leader award! 

The sustainability community at Vassar can’t wait for the involvement and enthusiasm that your office or department can bring!

Preview the full checklist below or for further information, please contact Alistair Hall, Sustainability Coordinator, at sustainability@vassar.edu.