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2013/14 Sustainability Course Inventory

Vassar College offers not only a environmentally aware campus culture, but also many courses focusing on environmental science, environmental justice, and sustainability. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of many courses and majors at Vassar, you would be hard pressed to find a course that does not touch upon sustainability issues in some respect. Below is the inventory of courses that relate to and focus on sustainability issues.

Visit Vassar’s online course catalogue to learn more about specific course descriptions.

Introductory Courses

Department, Course Number, and Course Title Sustainability Focused Sustainability Related
URBS 100. Introduction to Urban Studies X
ESCI 101. Geohazards (1/2) X
GEOG 102. Global Geography: People, Places, and Regions (1) X
ESCI 121. Oceanography (1) X
ESCI 135. Volcanoes and Civilization (1) X
STS 138. Energy: Sources and Policies (1/2) X
SOCI 151. Introductory Sociology (1) X
SOCI 160. What do you Mean by Globalization? (1) X
BIOL 175. Plants and Plant Communities of the Hudson Valley (1/2) X
ESCI 198. Special Projects in Earth Science (1/2 or 1) X
ESCI 100a. Earth Resource Challenges (1) X
ESCI 107a. Field Geology of the Hudson Valley (1/2) X
ENST 107b. Global Change and Sustainability (1) X
ESCI/GEOG 111a. Earth Science and Environmental Justice (1) X
STS/CHEM 124b. The Culture and Chemistry of Cuisine (1) X
ENST 124b. Essentials of Environmental Science (1) X
ENST 125a. Environmentalisms in Perspective (1) X
ESCI/GEOG 151a. Earth, Environment, and Humanity (1) X
POLI/ENST 177a. Environmental Political Thought (1/2) X
POLI/ENST 178b. Political Theory, Environmental Justice: The Case of New Orleans After Katrina (1/2) X

Intermediate Courses

Department, Course Number, and Course Title Sustainability Focused Sustainability Related
ESCI 211. Sediments, Strata, and the Environment (1) X
URBS 213. Urban Planning and Practice (1) X
ASIA/SOCI 216. Food, Culture, and Globalization (1) X
URBS/INTS 222. Urban Political Economy (1) X
URBS 230. Making Cities (1) X
ESCI/GEOG 231. Geomorphology: Surface Processes and Evolution of Landforms (1) X
URBS/SOCI 237. Community Development (1) X
ESCI 251. Global Geophysics and Tectonics (1) X
GEOG/URBS/INTS 252. Cities of the Global South: Urbanization and Social Change in the Developing World (1) X
BIOL/ESCI/ENST/GEOG 254. Environmental Science in the Field (1) X
GEOG 256. Geographies of Food and Farming (1) X
GEOG/URBS 258. Sustainable Landscapes: Bridging Place and Environment (1) X
ENST 260. Issues in Environmental Studies (1) X
ENST/SOCI/INTL 261. “The Nuclear Cage”: Environmental Theory and Nuclear Power (1) X
ESCI 269. The Geophysics of Slavery and Freedom (1) X
ESCI 271. Structural Geology: Deformation of the Earth (1) X
GEOG/INTS 276. Economic Geography: Spaces of Global Capitalism (1) X
ESCI 277. Biogeochemistry (1) X
AMST/HIST 283. US Consumer Culture X
ESCI 297. Readings in Earth Science (1/2) X
URBS 200b. Urban Theory (1) X
ESCI 201b. Earth Materials: Minerals and Rocks (1) X
ESCI 203b. Earth History (1) X
ESCI/GEOG 221b. Soils and Sustainable Ecosystems (1) X
GEOG 230b. Geographic Research Methods (1) X
URBS 232b. Design and the City: Contemporary Urbanisms (1) X
ESCI/GEOG 235b. Water (1) X
GEOG/ASIA 236b. The Making of Modern East Asia: Empires and Transnational Interactions (1) X
ASIA/GEOG/INTL 238a. Environmental China: Nature, Culture, and Development (1) X
BIOL 241a. Ecology (1) X
AFST/GEOG/INT/LAMST 242b. Brazil, Society, Culture, and Environment in Portuguese America (1) X
URBS/POLI 249b. The Politics of City, Suburb, Neighborhood (1) X
GEOG/URBS 250b. Urban Geography: Space, Place, Environment (1) X
LALS/SOCI 251. Development and Social Change in Latin America X
POLI 252a. Modern Social Movements X
AFST/ENST 258b. Environment and Culture in the Caribbean X
ESCI/GEOG 260a. Conservation of Natural Resources (1) X
GEOG/INTS 266a. Population, Environment, and Sustainable Development (1) X
STS/ECON 267a. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (1) X
ENST 270b. Topics in Environmental Studies (1) X
ENST 271b. Literature and the American Environment (1) X
AFST/ECON 273b. Development Economics X
ESCI/BIO 275a. Paleontology and the Fossil Record (1) X
POLI 279a.. Utopian Political Thought X
CLCS/FREN 284a. A Taste of Terroir: French Methodologies for Experiencing the Earth (1) X
ANTH 286a. Food in its Cultural and Social Contexts (1) X
ENST 291a. Field Experiences in the Hudson Valley (1/2) X

Advanced Courses

Department, Course Number, and Course Title Sustainability Focused Sustainability Related
URBS 303. Advanced Debates in Urban Studies (1) X
ENST 325. American Genres (1) X
ESSC 331. Gender, Resources and Justice (1) X
ESCI/ENST 335. Paleoclimatology: Earth’s History of Climate Change (1) X
GEOG 340. Advanced Urban and Regional Studies (1) X
ENST/URBS 350. New York City as Social Laboratory (1) X
ESCI 351. Volcanology (1) X
MEDS/URBS 352. The City in Fragments (1) X
BIOL 356. Aquatic Ecology (1) X
ENST/GEOG/URBS 356. Environment and Land-Use Planning (1) X
ANTH 364. Travelers and Tourists (1) X
ENST 364. Seminar on Selected Topics in Law and Technology
ENST/Asian Studies/HIST 367. People and Animal Histories in Modern India (1) X
ENST/HIST 367. Peoples and Environments in the American West (1) X
STS/ENST/WMST 370. Feminism and Environmentalism (1) X
Asian Studies 372. Topics in Human Geography (1) X
ENST/CHEM 375. Aquatic Chemistry (1/2 or 1) X
STS 382. Renewable Energy (1) X
GEOG 382. Neoliberalism, Environmental Governance, and the Commons (1) X
GEOG 384. Community GIS (1) X
ESCI 385. Stable Isotopes in the Earth and Environmental Sciences (1) X
ESCI/ENST/GEOG 387. Risk and Geohazards (1) X
AMST/ENST 389. From the Natural History Museum to Ecotourism: The Collection of Nature (1) X
ENST 301a. Senior Seminar (1) X
GEOG 304a. Senior Seminar: Issues in Geographic Theory and Method (1) X
ESCI 321b. Environmental Geology (1) X